Pharmaxpo, Odisha

4th Edition

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After the successful show last June, Odisha Medical Expo has Grown considerably in terms of quality and quantity. The exhibition has maintained its position on medical equipment and instruments as only Exhibition on hospital needs at Eastern Zone of India . In this 3rd edition of Medical held in June 2023, Approximately 75 companies from across the India participated in the exhibition utilizing the entire Exhibition Venue At Unit-3 Exhibition Ground, Bhubneswar. Most of the exhibitors substantially increased the size of their stall and showcased more products during the 3 day exhibition. It was a true bazaar for hospital equipments and supplies, ranging from surgical gloves to the most sophisticated medical equipment used world wide. The show attracted Local and Regional which summed up to almost 1500 people. Compared to the Odisha Medical Expo which was held last June 2023, there was a significant increase of 30% in the number of visitors this year. Other shows and seminars also took place alongside the exhibition, which provided as an attractive highlight in the event.

Why Pharmaxpo

Pharmaxpo, Odisha, is the only exhibitions on pharma products in Odisha and is a place for thousands of people from the business to share their experiences related to products, customers, business and sales. This expo brings together people from across the Odisha to one destination.